No Room at Your Workplace? No Problem!

Is your workplace too small to accommodate on-site health and wellness activities for your staff? Then we have a turnkey solution just for you! The Médicobus is a fully functional clinic on wheels, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a whole slate of user-friendly services.


Give your employees on-the-job access to Médicobus’s health and wellness services – no travelling time for them and less lost productivity for you!


We make the logistics of holding employee health and wellness activities much simpler for you. Forget about rearranging your workplace – our ready-to-use facilities go straight to you. What’s more, the Médicobus can be dispatched to different locations to make sure each of your regional teams receives an identical set of services.


On board the Médicobus, your employees will be greeted by our qualified, courteous staff, in our well-appointed, soundproof facilities designed to serve a wide variety of needs with a maximum of privacy.

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