Value-Added Solutions for Healthier Employees

Médicoflex has joined forces with a number of highly respected healthcare partners to provide multiple solutions designed to help your employees take control of their health. Each of these services comes with detailed assessments using leading-edge tools to make your employees more aware of and engaged in their health so they can achieve their full potential.

As an employer, you can choose a package in line with your expectations and requirements. You can then tweak it over time to take into account the observed benefits and the budget at your disposal.

Peu importe le(s) forfait(s) sélectionné(s), l’objectif de Médicoflex demeure toujours le même : des employés en santé pour des entreprises en santé.

Our Health Solutions

Outdoor Group Workouts

A selection of outdoor activities and programs at locations handy to the workplace (1–12 weeks), including:

  • Fitness training
  • Running technique
  • Stretching
  • Cardio
  • Muscular endurance

Nutrition Presentations

Eating well is tremendously important to staying healthy. These talks on a wide variety of nutrition-related topics will encourage and empower your employees to:

  • Better understand the role of nutrition
  • Lose weight the right way
  • Make good food choices
  • Optimize their nutritional intake

Fitness Challenges

A great way to incentivize your employees to get and stay fit is by giving them a concrete goal to work toward. Introduce a workplace program and challenge them to:

  • Train for a set number of weeks using a specific set of tools
  • Take part in an activity of their choosing to put their new skills to the test (walk a certain distance, run an obstacle course, do an aerobics routine, etc.)

Team Building Activities

Create a made-to-measure experience for your employees, with games and team sports arranged to suit your specific needs – and all with an accent on fun!

  • Inflatable games
  • Giant play surfaces
  • Interactive challenges

Health Coach

A health coach can provide your employees with a targeted approach to embracing healthier lifestyle habits, focusing on any weak areas identified in their health assessment and providing personalized tips on how to address specific concerns. Services include:

  • Lifestyle analysis and modification
  • Individual dietary advice
  • Stress reduction tips
  • Fitness training support